Nail Rebalance Services Near West Palm Beach

Nail fills and rebalances are a significant part of maintaining beautiful hands and nails, and they should be our concern, not yours. With this in mind, Bling Nailz Studio has organized a professional team of licensed nail technicians dedicated to providing nail refills and balances to clients. In our experience, West Palm Beach clients have appreciated our pro-active measures and attention to detail.

Every nail technician at our West Palm Beach nail salon is trained and experience in a variety of rebalance procedures including fixing cracked nails, regrowth at the cuticle, and nail shaping. Our nail rebalance services are efficient and precise, and our clients benefit from having our team assist them with their nail rebalances and fills.

Standing out with multiple five-star reviews from nail salon customers, and an award-winning team of nail technicians, there’s no denying the commitment that we have for serving West Palm Beach nail salon clients. As Palm Beach county’s premier nail salon, we give customers the knowledge and confidence that they need to maintain beautiful, healthy nails. Whether you need an acrylic nail fill, gel nail rebalances, dip powder rebalance, or a full set rebalance, Bling Nailz Studio has you covered.

Visit us today at Bling Nailz Studio located in West Palm Beach FL at 801 Northpoint Parkway Suite 14. Even if you’re in Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter, Wellington, PGA, and surrounding areas, visit us today. We can help you restore your nails back to new. Give us a call at (516) 451-0739

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How Much Does A Nail Rebalance Cost

The estimated price of a nail rebalance ranges between $20- $50. Nail rebalances can be complete in 30 minutes or less. A nail rebalance can last for up to 3-4 weeks. Nail rebalances include:

  • Nail length reassessment

  • Nail realignment

  • Apex replaced with a thicker across the curve

  • Refreshed nail cuticles

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How Often Should I Get A Nail Rebalance?

Individuals should speak to one of our professional nail technicians about how long they should wait to get a nail rebalance. The estimated amount of time that someone should expect to get a nail rebalance is 2-3 weeks. However, this time length can vary due to nail growth and how often a person works with their hands. After your nail salon appointment, we recommend you speak to a nail about your next nail rebalance.

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