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Here’s your chance! Bling Nailz Studio would like to invite you to come explore our incredible selection of nail enhancement services. Even if it’s your first time picking out nail enhancements, it’s not ours. We can help you decide between acrylic nails, gel nails, pink fills, dipping gels, glitter and more. We offer dozens of gorgeous nail enhancments for West Palm Beach clients. Come find out which nails are the best for you.

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Which Nail Enhancement Is The Best For Me

When it comes down to nail enhancements, there is no right or wrong answer. It all comes down to preference. With this in mind we think it’s for you to know about all of the latest nail enhancement trends. Below we have list all of our nail enhancement services and prices. Hopefully, once your done reading about our nail enhancement services below, you can make a better decision about your next nail design.


Gel Nails

If you’re looking for stronger, longer lasting nails, gel nail enhancements are the perfect solution. With twice as much strength as your average nail, gel nails protect your natural nails and look remarkably stunning. An the best part is, gel nails look natural. Which, gel nails look fresh all the time. Plus they are great for people who are busy on the go. If you think gel nails are the right fit for you contact us today.

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Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails are popular in West Palm Beach because they are more durable and resistant than your average nails. You’re also going to appreciate how many more nail design options you have with acrylic nail enhancement. For instance with an acrylic nail enhancement you have the option of french tip manicures, glitter, and more. Furthermore, acrylic nails serve as a protective layer for weak nails. At the same time, acrylic nails are great for people who work with their hands a lot.

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Dipping Powder Nails

Have you heard? Dipping powder nail enhancements last nearly 3-4 weeks. And that’s just the beginning. Dipping powder gives every nail a beautiful finish. Plus, it also protects your hands and nails. Chances are, if you’re looking for a nail enhancement that can last you for months at a time, you should consider adding a dipping powder enhancement.

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Pink And White Nails

Are you looking for a clean elegant nail design? Pink an white nails also known as a french is the perfect nail enhancement for you. Not only is it elegant, but it’s great for all occasions. Whether you’re going to work, attending an event, or visiting West Palm Beach, pink and white nail extensions are perfect. Furthermore, this pink and white and white nail fills tend to have a great finish.

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